Orient House VI

Situated on the edge of a high, steep bluff overlooking the Long Island Sound, Orient House VI straddles the uneven terrain to maximize the unimpeded Sound views and to provide a range of different experiences of its unique surroundings.
On the north, the main living floor is a one story volume that opens up to a bluff-top garden and the beach beyond. To the west, the house transforms into an open glass and screen structure on concrete piers that floats over the wild, native bluff vegetation. The master bedroom wing to the south hovers in a dense forest like a tree house. To the east, the house reveals its two stories and encloses a small, protected garden court.
With high-efficiency, super-insulated walls, triple pane windows, and Passive House airtightness standards, the house exemplifies energy-efficient design and, with its all-electric systems and roof PV panels, is slated to be a net zero structure.

Team: Bill Ryall, Rodrigo Zamora, Will Robinette, Marija Gjorgjievska

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